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Flowers for all mothers

Every day is good to celebrate mothers or those who love us so much!

Give a flower that does not wither

Festa della Mamma 2020/Caramanna Gioielli / regalo ideale

Every day is a good day to celebrate mom or whoever loves us!

A flower is a welcome gift to all mothers. But flowers wither and leave the vases empty. My Flower Earrings and Rings, on the other hand, will always remain on your mothers finger and face .

It is the ideal gift for any mother who will have much more than a jewel with her: a special greeting card that will give her joy.

Orecchini e anello Flower

Nature Line

The Flowers earrings in silver with amethyst and the ring with bezel in gold and sapphires are a delicate luminous thought

Flower ring in bronze

Nature line

The Bronze Flowers ring wraps your finger in an elegant bouquet of flowers

Although distant, we are close!

CARAMANNA GIOIELLI delivers all over the world, in ITALY shipments are free.

Each Caramanna Jewel is delivered in an elegant shopper, complete with gift box and warranty certificate.

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