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I chose the peacock for the magnificent meaning

The king of the Z00 Collection

When I chose to introduce PEACOCK in my ZOO collection, some dear customers of mine asked me why I had chosen an animal that had a touch of "narcissism".

In reality, the symbolism of the peacock, already present in Greek and Roman mythology, takes on very fascinating shades.

Personally, I like the Christian one for which the peacock is a symbol of resurrection and eternal life , probably because in spring, after losing its feathers, it acquires new even more beautiful ones.
Who wears a peacock, looking at himself in the mirror, remembers every day that time renews us, reserves us new experiences. That there is always a rebirth.

I wanted to emphasize feathers, the fulcrum of its symbolism, embellishing them with diamonds and emeralds: because rebirth and change give light.

Peacock pendant

Bronze with diamonds

I want it!
Peacock pendant

Peacock necklace

Silver peacock with emeralds. Necklace in emerald roots

I want her!
PAVONE necklace with emeralds

Peacock Earrings

Bronze earrings with diamonds

I want them!

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