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Anello Big Bang

Anello in argento

Anello Big Bang


Anello in argento

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Anello in argento 925‰
Disponibile variante in bronzo


We use

  • SILVER 925 ‰ (silver nine hundred twenty-five / thousandths)
  • 375 ‰ GOLD (three hundred and seventy-five gold / thousandths) that is 9kt GOLD (nine karat gold)
  • natural precious or semi-precious stones


Our jewels are exclusive products, the result of the skilful work of expert craftsmen who need the time to forge them. This is why each order is processed within ten working days.

Each jewel is shipped in an elegant shopper with case, guarantee certificate and catalog

Free shipping in Italy

Each creation is covered by a 24 month warranty

Send an email to info@caramannagioielli.it or Call us 390810608740 for informations about jewels

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