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About Us

The project Caramanna Jewelry was founded in 2000 as a natural result of the passion of Stefania Caramanna third generation of a family of jewelers Neapolitan.

From his experience in design and planning of precious fruit also has a degree in architecture, and meeting with skilled craftsmen, able to fulfill his creative genius, came the line of Jewelry Caramanna.

An idea born from a challenge: to create unique and exclusive jewelry, using original designs, craftsmanship and precious materials, jewelry and wearable at the same time and characterized by a competitive price.

All this has led to the birth of the brand Jewelry Caramanna.

From the first lines, dedicated to the creation of eccentric animals transformed into rings, pendants, earrings or bracelets, today the range of Jewellery Caramanna goes in many directions, retaining its two essential features of the new models and the link with the tradition of 'Neapolitan craftsmanship.

In fact, each piece is created and developed exclusively on original design before being handcrafted in labs located in Naples.

Alongside the lines of the standard production models created and tailored for the most demanding customers.

news and events
Color Rhapsodies / December 12, 2011
Color Rhapsodies / December 12, 2011...
We will follow you during your shopping on the streets of downtown
From December 10th until January 10th we will find the streets of downtown... The new campaign affisionale, pointing in particular on the collections and Tentacles Peacock, launches a unique and unmistakable message: the Jewels Caramanna convey...
New collections arriving
Nature and abstraction are the themes of the new summer collections. Skip to us to discover them....

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